soundtrack for "Neverendings"

by N1L



OST for contemporary dance piece/noise opera NEVERENDINGS

"In a Soviet Berlin, during a series of celebrations of 100 years since the October Revolution, selected people of the city are invited to meet five special comrades. They will commemorate this moment in history when utopia came to power with choirs and dances that glorify the fantastic achievements of the brave heroes during this golden age. The huge efforts, the immense struggles, the horrendous atrocities and the irremediable failures won’t be forgotten, but now it’s time to plan the next 100 years of the neverending, permanent revolution. The bodies of the masses are choreographed into collective daydreams towards a better world"


released July 1, 2017

Concept, Choreography, Text: Sergiu Matis
Sound Design, Composition: N1L
Performance: Jule Flierl, Martin Hansen, Gyung Moo Kim, Orlando Rodriguez, Maria Walser, Diletta Sperman
Dramaturgy: Mila Pavicevic
Set Design: Dan Lancea
Set Design Assistant: Sebastian Huber
Costume: Philip Ingman
Light Design: Sandra Blatterer
Production Management: David Eckelmann
Production Assistant: Cornelia Winkler
Camera: Chloé Guerbois
Sound Technician: Max Johannson


all rights reserved




A/V artist, electronic music producer. Intersects sound design & visuals with genre fluid music experiments.

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